Ohio Community Rights Workshops


Why does it seem like corporations have more rights in my community than I do?

Why does Columbus license and permit corporations to harm my community?

Why doesn’t going to the “hearing” and submitting letters and telephone calls to our electeds ever stop the harm?

Why does the State legislature in Columbus routinely make laws that protect corporate projects, when those projects hurt people and harm communities?

Isn’t it part of the State’s responsibility to protect people?

The Ohio Community Rights Workshop takes an in-depth look at how Ohio’s political and legal structures have been set up to protect the interests of an elite minority, at the expense of the majority of Ohioans. We’ll look at how Ohio’s constitution has continually evolved to protect wealth and privilege over community self-government; we’ll look at how corporations in Ohio have received more rights and protections than those of you living in your community; and we’ll look at how Ohioans have pushed back against these oppressive structures to reclaim democratic self-government in their communities.

In conclusion, we’ll consider what it would take to create an Ohio constitution that protects the rights of people, communities, and nature by securing our inalienable right to local self-government, free from corporate and state interference.

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