Local Community Initiatives and Community Rights Movement

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Several communities in Ohio have successfully adopted Community Bills of Rights (CBORs) protecting community health, safety and welfare, by prohibiting harmful activities that would violate the rights of the community.

The work began in 2012, with the first CBORs in Yellow Springs and Broadview Heights leading the way. Oberlin passed their CBOR in 2013 and Athens passed in 2014. Several other communities in Ohio have attempted to pass CBORs to protect their communities, but due to industry and other pushback during the campaigns, were not successful on their first attempt. Bowling Green, Gates Mills, Youngstown, Niles and Kent residents have all asserted their right to local self government. Many are continuing to pursue initiating community rights in their respective communities to protect themselves and their community from fracking, injection of waste, pipelines, unsustainable energy systems and other corporate harms. Youngstown has attempted to pass their CBOR five times and will be on the ballot this November for a 6th try!

OHCRN partners with CELDF to draft CBORs that establish Community Rights by accessing local law-making to empower the community as a whole, with protection for the health, safety and welfare of every resident and to secure protections for community economic and environmental resiliency.



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Broadview Heights Community Bill of Rights


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