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Vote NO State Issue 2

Issue 2 is a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that will appear on the ballot in the November 2015 general election. Initiated by the Ohio General Assembly, the stated intent of Issue 2 is to thwart passage of the “Marijuana Legalization Amendment” sponsored by the Responsible Ohio PAC, due to its approach toward marijuana cultivation (allowing only 10 growing sites in Ohio). Issue 2 has far-reaching consequences. It could forever change the ability of “We the People” to engage in direct democracy, especially when our legislators cannot or will not. Tough enough already. The process of fielding a citizen-led ballot initiative in Ohio is already far more costly, complicated and cumbersome than it is in other states, where initial filings and committee procedures are easier or the required number of signatures and geographic regions are smaller. Issue 2 would make this process even more complex. The end result would silence the voice of “We the People” in favor of the legislature. In summary, Issue 2 is about far more than thwarting monopolies. Its real purpose is to quash the citizen-led ballot initiative process that has been part of the Ohio Constitution since 1912. It can be argued that these measures have been instrumental to gaining public acceptance of controversial issues like same-sex marriage, collective bargaining and marijuana. Issue 2 will change these long standing procedures, while politicizing the process clearly to favor the political party in power. It would require campaigns for even the most worthy issues to undergo the arduous, time consuming and multi-million dollar ballot placement process only to have three politically appointed members of the... read more

Charter government request challenged Placement on ballot lies with state

August 3rd, 2015 By David J. Coehrs – Three Fulton County residents filed an objection with the Board of Elections Wednesday over a petition from NEXUS opponents requesting a county charter government. Gilders confirmed that the six-page objection drafted by Metamora attorney Charles M. Saunders was received about one half-hour before last Wednesday’s 4 p.m. deadline to file objections to the petition. It was signed by Saunders and county residents RJ Lumbrezer and Roy Norman. Read the rest... read more

County charter would establish home rule

By GLENN WOJCIAK The Post staff writer | Posted: Monday, July 13, 2015 MEDINA – Voters will be given the opportunity to adopt a charter form of county government in November but the implications of that decision aren’t clear. An initiative petition by the group Sustainable Medina County has succeeded in gathering the signatures needed to place the issue on the ballot. If approved, the new charter would establish home rule provisions that empower county officials authority to regulate certain activities the current county commissioners lack authority to control. Those activities include the regulation of drilling new oil and gas wells and pipeline construction which are prohibited in a citizen’s bill of rights included in the new charter. Charter proponents launched their initiative primarily as a means to derail the NEXUS gas transmission line which Spectra Energy plans to build across Medina County and several other Ohio counties. Read more... read more
Ohio judge dismisses Broadview Heights lawsuit by residents

Ohio judge dismisses Broadview Heights lawsuit by residents

By BOB DOWNING Published: July 2, 2015 From a Thursday press release: BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH:  Yesterday – in time for the July 4th celebration of American Independence and democracy – the Cuyahoga County Court dismissed a class action lawsuit filed by residents of Broadview Heights to protect their inalienable right to local self-government. The suit was filed against the state of Ohio and the oil and gas industry, as fracking is being forced into communities without their consent. Read Full Story... read more

Prosecutor wants state AG’s view on charter proposal

The Athens County Prosecutor has asked the Ohio Attorney General’s office for guidance on a proposed ballot initiative for a county charter, and has suggested the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office be contacted as well. Petitions to turn Athens County into a charter government were filed with the elections board last Wednesday by the Athens County Bill of Rights Committee. If the proposal is certified by the board, the matter will be put to voters this coming November. The board has 10 days to review signatures for validity and certify the petitions. Read more... read more
Charter amendment in Columbus sought to ban fracking

Charter amendment in Columbus sought to ban fracking

A group of environmentalists wants to change the Columbus City Charter to ban fracking or any other oil and gas drilling in the city. Carolyn Harding and other organizers seeking what they call the “Columbus Community Bill of Rights” turned in their petition for a charter change on Thursday with 13,587 signatures. If 8,956 of them are from registered Columbus voters, and the group followed the city’s petition rules correctly, the measure would be on the November ballot. Read the full story... read more

Bill of Rights, County Charter Launched in Meigs County

As another Ohio County launches their initiative campaign to place a county charter on the November ballot to protect the people and environment from harm, the Community Rights Movement continues to grow in Ohio. “Meigs County, like other counties across the state, is plagued by the disposal of toxic waste from oil and gas extraction into injection wells within the county.”   Read more... read more