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Press Release: Ohio Court Denies Inalienable Community Rights

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, OH:  Yesterday – in time for the July 4th celebration of American Independence and democracy – the Cuyahoga County Court dismissed a class action lawsuit filed by residents of Broadview Heights to protect their inalienable right to local self-government. The suit was filed against the state of Ohio and the oil and gas industry, as fracking is being forced into communities without their consent. Read the rest... read more

Medina County’s Community Rights Charter Campaign Launched

Community Rights County Charter Campaign Launched First County in Ohio to assert their right to local self-government through direct initiative   MEDIA RELEASE April 14, 2015 Contact: Tish O’Dell, Ohio Organizer 440-552-6774 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MEDINA COUNTY:  Yesterday, Community Rights expands in Ohio as residents of Medina County make history as the first County in the state to launch a community rights Charter campaign by direct initiative of the people. Medina County communities, like many other communities across the state, are slated for industrial pipelines that measure up to 42-inches in diameter and operate under high pressure. These pipelines threaten aquifers and drinking water sources, pollute the air through the release of methane and potentially the release of radioactive radon and other toxic gases, risk explosions, contaminate the soil, and threaten local ecosystems. When residents first learned of the pipelines and insisted that protecting the people’s health, safety, and welfare meant saying “NO” to them, they were told by government representatives and environmental agencies that there was “no way to stop them.” Thus, they contacted the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) for help. CELDF is providing grassroots organizing and education, and assisted in drafting the community rights Charter initiative. The Ohio Community Rights Network (OHCRN) is allying with CELDF and Medina County residents as well. The people of Medina County joined together to assert their right to govern themselves, and are seeking a County charter to secure and protect that right. The Charter includes a Bill of Rights for all people in the County, including the right to make the decisions about those things directly impacting... read more