Frackfree group to put fracking ban on Youngstown ballot again

Frackfree group to put fracking ban on Youngstown ballot again

If passed, the issue would stop hydraulic fracturing, injection wells and shale gas development in Youngstown By Dave SessPublished: June 27, 2016, 11:40 am Those behind Frackfree Mahoning Valley say they have enough signatures to get the issue back on the ballot again. If the issue passes, it would stop hydraulic fracturing, injection wells and shale gas development within city limits. See full story... read more
Petitions submitted for anti-fracking county law

Petitions submitted for anti-fracking county law

The Athens County Bill of Rights Committee submitted a proposal to turn Athens County into a charter government to the local Board of Elections Wednesday morning. Group spokesperson Dick McGinn said Wednesday the group was submitting the proposal with 2,392 signatures on 96 petitions circulated by 32 petitioners, well over the 1,500 petition signatures required. Read Full Story... read more

Guest Blog: Updating EPA Frack Waste Regulations: Let’s Call it What it Is

May 18, 2016by Tish O’Dell, Mothers Against Drilling in Our Neighborhoods (MADION) Why are we, concerned residents and environmentalists, asking for new rules to be written, instead of asking for the harmful activity to be stopped? Why do we need more rules that will simply allow the destruction of our communities, one permit and one regulation at a time? Don’t we have enough evidence that this system is NOT protecting the environment at all? Read more... read more

Demanding our right to clean air, water, and soil in our community

The Community Rights movement is helping communities reclaim democracy and protect our inalienable rights for pure water, clean air, safe soil, a sustainable energy future, and local self governance. So rather than permitting and regulating these harms, a community can stop them. They can write, initiate and pass at the ballot, their own Community Bill of Rights to protect people, natural communities, environmental, agricultural, labor and economic sustainability. Read Story... read more
Community rights versus environmental destruction: Time to turn the page

Community rights versus environmental destruction: Time to turn the page

Guest Column By Cliff Willmeng –April 14, 2016 In a moment of insight and truthfulness, Mike Foote looked at the proposed legislation —legislation that would remove the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s legal means to sue his community of Lafayette and others like it — and told us, “Nothing passes the Colorado legislature that oil and gas doesn’t want passed.” Read full column... read more

Friedrick’s recent column had some incorrect information

Adam Friedrick’s recent column in The Post had some misinformation regarding the citizen-led petition for a County Charter. First, signing the petition does not commit the signer or the county to anything. Getting petition signatures is the first step in the long process for “we the people” to propose laws or charters directly to the people. This is called “direct democracy” or “participatory democracy” and this is what the American Revolution was fought for. Since the people cannot compete with the corporations and their lobbyists on a monetary level, they must do the leg work of gathering thousands of signatures to give the people in Medina County a chance to voice their opinion at the ballot box.  Read more... read more

Medina County: We have the right to clean air, water, soil

This letter is in response to Commissioner Adam Friedrick’s column on April 2. I’m one of the “well-intentioned” county charter petition supporters who encourage the people of Medina County to read the petition prior to signing it. Mr. Friedrick infers that we home rule supporters are pulling the wool over the people’s eyes. Read more... read more

Lowe-Volk Nature Center

Community Rights in Crawford County, OH

What’s Happening?

CELDF’s Tish O’Dell is speaking in Crawford County on the growing Community Rights Movement in Ohio. Fracking and its infrastructure are accelerating across the state, driven by the oil and gas industry, and Ohio communities have had enough.


Thursday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m.


Lowe-Volk Nature Center on SR 598 in Crawford County, in the Nature Center auditorium.

Join us!

For more information contact Michael Veloff at

Thomas Linzey Stops on the 2015

Ohio Community Rights Tour:


November 12, 2015    7:00 PM  Ohio Tour Youngstown

Youngstown, Youngstown State University

210 Lincoln Avenue, Cushwa Hall B100


November 13, 2015    7:00 – 9:00 PM   OhioRevolt Athens

Athens, Ohio University, Morton Hall (East Green)

Room 201


November 14, 2015    12:00 PM    OhioRevolt Oberlin LWV

Oberlin,  LWV Luncheon  ­ Oberlin Inn

7 N Main St, Oberlin, OH 44074


November 14, 2015     7:30 PM  OhioRevolt Oberlin College

Oberlin,  Oberlin College, Craig Lecture Hall

119 Wooldand Street Oberlin, OH  44074


November 15, 2015   1:30 PM   OhioRevolt Defiance

Defiance,  UAW Local 211 Union Hall

2120 Baltimore Street, Defiance, OH 43512


November 16, 2015    6:30 – 8:00 PM   OhioRevolt Bowling Green

Bowling Green, Bowling Green State University,

Olscamp Hall, Room 117


November 17, 2015     12:00 P.M.   OhioRevolt Columbus OSU

Columbus, The Ohio State University, Michael E. Moritz College of Law, William B. Saxbe Law Auditorium, Drinko Hall

55 W 12 Ave, Columbus, OH 43210


November 17, 2015     5:00 – 6:00 PM    OhioRevolt Columbus Capital

Columbus, Capital University Law School

303 E. Broad Street, Room A-122, Annex Columbus, Ohio, 43215.

Parking is available in the lot off Capital Street which is the entrance that everyone will need to use. The lot is attached to the building.