Letters to Editor

Elections board got charter initiative ruling wrong

By Mike Rowe Updated Jul 16, 2016 On Friday, July 8, 2016, the Athens County Board of Elections, after consulting with Prosecutor Keller Blackburn, voted not to allow the Athens County charter initiative on the November ballot, despite the fact that it had over 1700 certified signatures (~2400 in all). Read Full... read more

Guest Blog: Updating EPA Frack Waste Regulations: Let’s Call it What it Is

May 18, 2016by Tish O’Dell, Mothers Against Drilling in Our Neighborhoods (MADION) Why are we, concerned residents and environmentalists, asking for new rules to be written, instead of asking for the harmful activity to be stopped? Why do we need more rules that will simply allow the destruction of our communities, one permit and one regulation at a time? Don’t we have enough evidence that this system is NOT protecting the environment at all? Read more... read more
Community rights versus environmental destruction: Time to turn the page

Community rights versus environmental destruction: Time to turn the page

Guest Column By Cliff Willmeng –April 14, 2016 In a moment of insight and truthfulness, Mike Foote looked at the proposed legislation —legislation that would remove the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s legal means to sue his community of Lafayette and others like it — and told us, “Nothing passes the Colorado legislature that oil and gas doesn’t want passed.” Read full column... read more

Friedrick’s recent column had some incorrect information

Adam Friedrick’s recent column in The Post had some misinformation regarding the citizen-led petition for a County Charter. First, signing the petition does not commit the signer or the county to anything. Getting petition signatures is the first step in the long process for “we the people” to propose laws or charters directly to the people. This is called “direct democracy” or “participatory democracy” and this is what the American Revolution was fought for. Since the people cannot compete with the corporations and their lobbyists on a monetary level, they must do the leg work of gathering thousands of signatures to give the people in Medina County a chance to voice their opinion at the ballot box.  Read more... read more

Medina County: We have the right to clean air, water, soil

This letter is in response to Commissioner Adam Friedrick’s column on April 2. I’m one of the “well-intentioned” county charter petition supporters who encourage the people of Medina County to read the petition prior to signing it. Mr. Friedrick infers that we home rule supporters are pulling the wool over the people’s eyes. Read more... read more

Appeals court in fracking case should stand up for basic rights

To the Editor: On Wednesday, Jan. 6, the Eighth District Court of Appeals in Cleveland considered a suit brought against the state of Ohio by Mothers Against Drilling in Our Neighborhood (MADION) intended to uphold a popular vote in their city of Broadview Heights to prevent further fracking in the city. In its 13 square miles Broadview Heights already has 90 wells.

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Proposed charter/bill of rights is all about democracy

Joan Jurich   Aug 2, 2015 Abe Alassaf’s (The NEWS, July 26) call to alarm about the proposed Athens County Charter hinges on a series of supposings. He imagines neighbors and county commissioners run amok with power. He imagines neighbors and county commissioners imposing their personal tastes on what he is able to do on his land. It is easy to think of reasons to worry if you don’t know what the charter actually says and what it is most likely to do. Before readers are alarmed, they should study the charter proposal and discuss it with their neighbors. Read the rest of LETTER... read more

Editor’s column wrong about proposed county Bill of Rights

Dick McGinn  Aug 5, 2015 On Sunday, a friend stopped me on the street to ask for clarification regarding the proposed Charter for a Bill of Rights for environmental protection from fracking waste, something many Athens residents, myself included, have spent months, and untold hours of grinding hard work, attempting to create. She had read that it appears our good intentions have been “hijacked by some radical, anarchist” group from Pennsylvania. Read rest of Letter... read more

Ohio Regulators Promoting Fracking Not Surprising As Seen From Broadview Heights

I know many citizens of Ohio are shocked by the recent revelation based on a public records request that a state-appointed regulatory agency is actually promoting drilling, and working to “convince” the public that it is safe. But I’m not. Call it “lessons learned on the front lines.” Based on personal experience with drilling in my hometown, I was not surprised when I read this information on the Ohio Department of Natural Resource’s recently exposed, 10-page memo listing allies, threats, and strategies to convince us that drilling in state parks was a good idea. I was not surprised to read notes that revealed the governor’s office, Halliburton, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, local chambers of commerce and media outlets like the Youngstown Vindicator are “allies” and environmental groups are considered “threats.” With 90 wells in a 13-square-mile residential community, residents in my hometown of Broadview Heights learned several years ago that the ODNR was not on our side. We learned that our local officials had their authority stripped from them by a legislature that was bought and paid for with industry lobby money, according to a Common Cause report. We learned that our local safety officials (fire and police) were not notified as to when a well would be fracked or what chemicals would be used. We learned that citizens and even the city, none of whom wanted to sign a lease and were forcibly “pooled” into a drilling unit against their will and wanted to appeal, had to do so before an ODNR panel that was stacked in favor of the industry. So no, this revelation about our state regulatory agency did not have... read more